Practice Dice

Do you want to practice, but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for fresh, new ideas for your belly dance classes?

Do you want to surprise someone with a thoughtful, fun and creative belly dance gift?

Belly dance practice dice are the answer! This dice set takes the concept of practicing to a whole new level. It consists of five dice and printed instructions on how to use these to enhance your practice routine. There will be a special package available for teacher: five sets of dice with instructions on group and duo exercises for your students.

There are two dice with upper- and lower body isolations, a die with basic steps, a die with suggestions for timing and an emotion die.

practice dice.jpg

How I got started

I have been teaching belly dance classes for over a decade and I like to use playful concepts in my classes to help my students become the best dancers they can be. You can read more about me on this page. The idea to create a tangible product like this dice set was floating around my head for a couple of years, but in June 2016 I started on creating the first prototype out of printed paper.

In the next year I made three more prototypes and tested them on readability, usability, durability and how pretty they are 😉 I tried out different materials to ensure that they last, at the same time trying to keep the cost down to keep the dice affordable. I am currently  looking into the costs and options for mass producing these sets.

Prototype 3, november 2016


The downloadable PDF file was included with the Belly Dance Business Academy 1K give away in november 2017. I am a teacher at the Belly Dance Business Academy. This online university offers classes and courses for belly dancers of all levels. Enrollment is free! I hope to see you there 🙂