2013-red-eman-01My name is Kyria and I’ve started bellydancing in 1999. I teach weekly classes in Utrecht, The Netherlands and I am also available for workshops and performances locally. I have written articles for The Gilded Serpent and Cheeky Girls Production, in addition to writng over two hundred articles on belly dance for Dutch belly dance magainzes. My (Dutch) website for my bellydance business is www.buikdansereskyria.com.

When I took my first bellydance class I was immediately hooked. Searching through all the available resources at the time was not as easy as it is now. I noticed how there is a lot of information available on the internet nowadays, but it is harder to find what I am looking for. That’s why I developed this website: to create an overview of the available resources.

I have over a decade of experience in teaching and performing belly dance and I developed a lot of class material and practice material. That is the second focus of this website: offering material to improve your practice routine or use in your classes. My first product came out in December 2016 and is completely free! Belly Dance Affirmations cards were created in a coproduction with dancers from all over the world. They contain inspiring and thoughtful affirmations and can be downloaded and printed from the websites of the participants. My second product is the Belly Dance Practice Dice. This dice set is due for a Kickstarter in February 2017.