How to stay fresh and inspired

You just discovered belly dance and found this website while looking for information. Or you have been dancing for a while and you’re wondering how to get to the next level… or you’ve been dancing for a while, you feel tired and worn out and you think about quitting belly dance.  This post is for all of you!

Dancing, like any other skill, get’s better with practice. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to reach a level where we master our art form. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes about 10.000 hours of deliberate practice. While this number is controversial, as a rule of thumb it works quite well. No matter what phase you are in, you have something to offer to you audience and you can have fun at any level. I enjoy watching beginners master the basic moves, I like how the face of intermediate dancers light up when they discover how to have fun and relax while performing, and I love the spark in the eye of the seasoned dancer who is at home in her body and sways to the music she knows so well.

Sometimes a long stretch of time can go by where I feel like belly dance is a lot of work. At those times I try to stay inspired and fresh, because I know how much I love dancing and that there are many reasons why I dance. I’ve gathered a couple of excellent articles for you with tips and advice on how to keep the fire burning. Is something missing or do you have suggestions? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Sad because you don’t have a teacher?

What if there is no local teacher? -Shira

How to stay motivated and organized when you don’t have a teacher? – Mahin

How to overcome a plateau

From plateau to next level – Shira

Breaking the cursed dance plateau – Dance World Takeover

Overcoming plateaus and releasing inhibition in your dance – Caroleeena’s circles of joy

How to overcome your dance plateau and improve quickly – The Accidental Artist

Feeling like you have a dance burn out and want to quit?

Dance passion and burn-out -Gilded Serpent

Burnout, obstacles and over commitment – Dance advantage

Belly dance burn out -Leyla Najma

When it is time to walk away from belly dance – Belly Dance at Any Size

Quitting Bellydance – Sequins and Shimmies

Ideas to inspire you

10 ideas to renew your love for belly dance – Kyria’s Costumes (my personal blog)

Belly dance affirmations– a full set of affirmations to inspire you, as free downloadable pdf files

Here are some challenges to spice things up

90 day Belly Dance Challenge -Belly Dance at Any Size

Alia’s 90 day dance party – Program starts in February 2017

Datura challenge: learn a choreography and post the result – Not sure when the next challenge is, but it sure is fun!

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