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trance02witI’ve always been interested in the proces of learning and I am one of those belly dance teachers that creates extensive hand-outs and link collections for her students. I figured that as I’d been doing the work, I might as well publish it on this website so I can easily refer students to the information they need. I collect links, video’s and other material on this website that I value as a resource. This means that I pick and choose what resources are valuable for my students based on my decades of experience as a belly dancer. I started out taking belly dance classes when I went to University and after six years started teaching and performing as a professional belly dancer. I am located in Utrecht, The Netherlands and I’m still going strong, teaching weekly classes, workshops and creating performances. My Dutch website promoting my belly dance business is over here.  I have also been making my own belly dance costumes for quite some time and dedicated an English blog to the subject. It’s called Kyria’s Costumes and you can find it over here. It gives more insight in my personal life and the costuming projects I’m working on.

I’ll be adding stuff to this website when I find the time and hope that it’ll be a solid resource to help students, teachers and performers find resources to continue to grow and learn. Are you a producer and would you like a review of your product? Please contact me through facebook and we can talk about the options. Keep in mind that I will write a review of your product from my point of view. I will let you read the review before posting it so you can react and add nuance.

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